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Origami - social shopping


Origami - Redesign ShoppingShop online with online stores and pay with Origami at physical stores and experience a multi dimensional shopping experience through one app.○ You can pay easily in-store, in the "Origami Pay" by just placing your smart phone in the vicinity of the tablet, as instructed by the shop staff.○ You can select items from a wide variety while receiving sales and other information from the brands you love.■ Participating shops & brands: LoFt, AOKI, ORIHICA, MoMA Design Store, .CUT, REN, SeijoIshii, yoshida kaban, TOKYO CULTUART by BEAMS, STUSSY, A.P.C., THULE, A.D.M.J., CONVERSE, atmos, ChunPisamai, DULTON, RIEDEL, IDEE, Tokyu Department Store, HYSTERIC GLAMOUR, URBAN RESEARCH, XLARGE, Hankyu MEN'S TOKYO, WIRED CAFE, Todd Snyder, uka, ANREALAGE, LE CIEL BLEU, X-girl, Katherine Hamnet, Restir, Head Porterand other greats names...【Various Participating Brands】◆ Brands which you can shop online○ Overseas Fashion Brands (STUSSY, HYSTERIC GLAMOUR, A.P.C., Chnunpisamai, X-Girl, XLARGE, Katherine Hamnet etc)○ Domestic Fashions Brands (ACHACHUM, Anrealage etc)○ Domestic Select Shop (LE CIEL BLEU, Restir etc)○ Outdoor Brands (THULE, JAN SPORTS etc)○ Brands handling used clothes and antiques (The Post Office Shop, TOKYO CULTUART by BEAMS etc)○ Bags (yoshida kaban, A.D.M.J., HEAD PORTER etc)○ Shoes (CONVERSE, atmos etc)○ Furnitures & Plants (IDEE, REN etc)○ Goods / Gadgets / Interior Brands (MoMA Design Store, DULTON, .CUT, Deff, PASS THE BATON etc)○ Designer Electronic Brands (amadana onlinestore, BALMUDA etc)○ Supermarkets (SeijoIshii etc)○ Accessories & Glasses Brands (blind aoyama etc)○ Children’s Clothing & Baby Toys Brand (Patachou, Momo etc)○ Cosmetics Brands & Medicinal Supplements (Cibone, Cosme Kitchen etc)○ Jewellery & Accessory Brands (AHKAH etc)
◆ Stores at which you can use Origami Pay to pay in-store○ Overseas Fashion Brand (MACKINTOSH, Traditional Weatherwear, Todd Snyder, XLARGE etc)○ Famous Domestic Fashions Brands / Fashion Stores (Hankyu MEN'S TOKYO, ANREALAGE, JOHN LAWRENCE SULLIVAN, LITHIUM HOMME etc)○ Brands handling used clothes and antiques (STANDARD CALIFORNIA etc)○ Select Shops (URBAN RESEARCH, LE CIEL BLEU etc)○ Furnitures & Plants (esq, REN etc)○ Goods / Gadgets / Interior Brands (MoMA Design Store, .CUT, Kimura Glass, Bang & Olufsen Akasaka etc)○ Restaurants & Cafes (WIRED CAFE, SUNSHINE JUICE, HATAKE AOYAMA etc)○ Salons (uka etc)
We have a wide variety of brands & stores with the latest fashionable items for men and women including apparel, gadgets, interiors and food.
If you have any concerns or troubles with our App, please make inquiries using this help request form.